Editing Services

I’m eager to now be offering my services as an editor and reviser to aspiring and published authors who would just like another set of eyes to look over their work!  Feel free to read on to view my qualifications!

I have been a writer ever since I first learned the alphabet, but I’ve only been seriously pursuing it for the last few years.  While in college, my major changed a few times as I sought what it was that really spoke to me and it was when I decided to pursue English that I finally found what I was meant to do; help those who love writing to achieve their goals!

I understand it’s a big risk when it comes to who you trust with your writing.  Knowing who you’re allowing to read your work and why you should trust them with your words is something I’m proud to share with you.

As an Associate Degree recipient in Communications with a focus in Journalism as well as a Bachelor’s Degree recipient from Central Connecticut State University in English, I have spent the entirety of my college career focusing on editing and revising the work of others in various styles and genres.  Specifically, I spent a portion of my Bachelor program in the School of Education and worked directly with students from 7th through 12th grade in English and Creative Writing classrooms.  Additionally, I spent a vast amount of my program focusing on sentence structure, story structure, grammar, and developing the writing of others.

I read between 10-12 full length, published books per month for my regular job in addition to reading books for pleasure on my own time.  I am consistently building my repertoire as far as trends in writing, in addition to exposing myself to various methods to help build the skills of others.  I’m a fast reader and my turn-around time for edits is quick, yet thorough.

I love to read all genres and l am excited to work with you and help you to grow.  All writers deserve someone to help them achieve their goals and I hope that I can be that person for you.

If you’re interested in sending me your work to consider for editing services, please feel free to reach out to you me using the form below to include your expected price range, as well as a bit about your work!  I am always willing to work with the budgets of independent authors and those who need help!  I’m very excited to hear from you!